Stuck In An Lift? Follow These Steps To Get Out Safely

Stuck In An Lift? Follow These Steps To Get Out Safely

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You must have travelled in a lift at some point in your life. Some of you may ride them on a regular basis. You may be well-versed with all the features in the lift, but do you know the protocol to follow when you are stuck inside? Many features in modern elevators offered by lift manufacturers ensure the optimum safety of the passengers. Still, these lifts are machines in the end, and any small problem could cause the lifts to get stuck between floors. You could get trapped inside and will need help to get out safely.

These types of lift malfunction problems occur in poorly maintained machines and are not serviced very often. Timely maintenance is essential to prevent hazards like these from happening. Still, if you ever get involved in a situation like this, you should be aware of the in-hand remedies you have to rescue yourself and your fellow passengers from the stuck lift. We will outline the steps you need to take in an emergency situation like this.

Follow These Steps To Be Rescued

If you ever get stuck in a lift, there are some actions you should take and some you should not. Knowing the correct procedure to follow when stuck in a lift could save your lives as well as that of your fellow passengers. We have come up with a few steps that every individual must follow if they get stuck in a lift to avoid panic and get quickly rescued.

A. Remain Calm

In a situation like this, the best thing you can do is to wait for help and remain calm & composed during the emergency. Refrain from taking rash steps, as you may not know the technical functioning of the lift and jeopardise your life and the lives of your co-passengers. Since the lift is stuck, other people will notice it, and they will notify the lift maintenance department or lift company. So, you can wait it out till professional help arises.

B. Use The Contact Buttons

Modern lift manufacturer installs various safety devices in their lift that come into use in situations like these where you get stuck. Press the door open, phone or intercom button to convey the problem to the building’s lift maintenance department. If you are energetic enough, you can yell to let someone on the outside know you are stuck and call for help.

C. Wait For Professional Help

When you are stuck in the lift, you should let professional rescue personnel and lift technicians do the rescue process, as this will ensure your safety. Keep a distance from the doors and do not try to open them with force, as this could worsen the situation. Wait at the back of the lift and keep on communicating with fellow passengers to keep the spirits high.

D. Find A Light Source

Find a light source that will illuminate the cabin for you and the rescue personnel trying to rescue you. If the lights of the lift get disconnected or do not function for any reason, use the flashlight of your mobile to keep the inside of the cabin illuminated. This light will help you access emergency buttons and help the rescue team provide a clear vision of the inside.

E. Press The Alarm Button 

Almost every modern lift is equipped with an alarm button. This button rings an alert and tells the other people that someone is stuck inside the lift and needs assistance. Press this button at periodic intervals so that someone may notice the alerts and come to your rescue or bring technician help with them. 

F. Lie On The Floor

If the lift does a free fall, lie down on the floor and cover your face with your hands to prevent damage from the falling debris. This way of laying your body on the lift floor will reduce the impact on your body and protect you from further harm.

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We prioritise rider comfort & safety, and our lifts are a testament to our unwavering commitment towards delivering quality lifts that ensure rider safety and convenience. Our lifts are manufactured with top-notch materials, and the integration of various components is done with accuracy to make our lifts reliable and safe. We have various safety devices that fortify rider safety, like the ARD [Automatic Rescue Device] and the OSG [Overspeed Governor]. Along with this, an additional layer of protection provided by our lifts is maintenance. You can choose from our wide range of maintenance packages for our lifts and maintain their efficiency.  


Following these steps could save your life and your fellow passengers. Now that you are aware of how to deal with stuck lifts, you can peacefully travel in any lift. Before entering a lift, make sure that all the safety functions of the lift are operational to avoid any problem in the rescue process if the lift gets stuck. If you own a residential or commercial building and have a lift installed, make sure to get it services at frequent intervals to avoid such incidents.

Nobody wants to get stuck in a lift, especially those who have Claustrophobia. To avoid such a situation, you should determine whether the lift is of superior quality or not. One way is to see the badging of IEE Lifts, as we are one of the leading lift manufacturers and promise to deliver convenient & safe rides to our lift passengers. The abundance of security devices installed in our cutting-edge lifts ensures rider safety. Contact us now and get a lift that meets your comfort statement and provides safe rides.

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