The Timeline And Process Followed By IEE Lifts

The Timeline And Process Followed By IEE Lifts

IEE lifts Process

Installing a lift is a crucial step in enhancing accessibility and convenience in your building, and you need a good lift company to install it correctly. At IEE Lifts, we pride ourselves on our extensive expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand the importance of a smooth and transparent installation process, and we meticulously outline the entire timeline, phase by phase. This allows you to anticipate the exceptional service you’ll experience when you choose IEE Lifts for your lift installation needs.

Timeline Followed For Installing A Lift

IEE Lifts’ timeline process for installing a lift is segmented into 3 phases. The installation process takes 6-7 weeks. IEE Lifts focuses on clear communication throughout the journey and ensures you’re informed and involved at every step.

Phase 1: Setting The Course

This first stage provides the framework for installing your elevator. We will review your requirements, complete the lift design, and obtain any required licences from the relevant local authorities.

Order Placed

Our journey commences with a collaborative meeting, during which our representative will discuss your specific needs and preferences in detail. Whether you require a heavy-duty lift for a commercial building or a sleek passenger lift for your residence, we will work closely with you to find the perfect solution.

Site Visit

After three days, our engineer will conduct a thorough site survey for measurements with their laser equipment. This ensures complete accuracy, crucial for designing a lift that integrates seamlessly into your existing structure.

Drawing Submission

Based on the information gathered through the site survey and considering your preferences and needs, our skilled engineer will create a detailed lift design within four days. The plans will specify the dimensions of the lift car, the type of doors, the control panel layout, and the safety features you chose.

Drawing Approval

Phase 2: Building Foundation And Putting Pieces Together

Site Preparation

Our team secures all materials for the lift installation based on the finalised design. The ‘Site Preparation’ phase is the first step in the physical installation process, laying the groundwork for installing the lift. This includes excavating the pit (if needed), verifying shaft dimensions, and checking floor level.

Site Verification

After the site verification, 30% (60%) of the payment is asked to be released. As an additional layer of transparency, you are given a receipt for the payment.


In this step, shaft construction and machine room setup are produced according to the precise measurements taken, depending on the building’s existing structure. The ‘Dispatch’ phase is a crucial part of the installation process.


This step installs precise metal rails to guide the lift car smoothly. Lift car doors are added on each floor. Now, we are finally ready to proceed with facework. The ‘Installation’ phase is the most critical part of the process, where the physical components of the lift are assembled and installed in your building, transforming the design into a functional lift.

Phase 3: Final Touches And Handover

In this phase, we’ll do any last-minute tweaks, test everything thoroughly, and then formally turn over the lift to you with total assurance.

Site Preparation

As per the approved design, the lift car is carefully lowered and secured within the shaft. This stage involves connecting the car to the suspension system, ensuring a smooth and balanced ride. Another 30% (90%) of the payment is released during this stage.

Site Verification

Site verification is done within two days, and payment receipt (90%) is given. This is done to provide the utmost service to the customer and improve the process.


The pre-assembled lift cart, manufactured according to the approved design, arrives at the project site for installation and is assembled accordingly within the lift.


In this step, the pre-assembled lift cart, the control panel inside the lift car, and safety features like emergency stop buttons and overload sensors are installed. Safety is our top priority, and our technicians strictly follow all standard protocols to ensure your peace of mind.

Testing & Handover

IEE Lifts experts thoroughly test all lift functions, safety features, and emergency protocols to ensure the lift operates seamlessly and meets all safety regulations. The IEE Lifts team also provides comprehensive training for designated building personnel on the proper operation and maintenance of the lift, including emergency procedures and routine maintenance tasks.

The remaining 10% of the amount is handed over in this step, marking the successful completion of the installation process and the beginning of your lift’s operational life. The total working days required for installing one lift is 60-65 or approximately 6-7 weeks, but these can also vary depending on the project’s complexity.


A lift installation improves accessibility and convenience and is a wise investment for your facility.  IEE Lifts is aware of this and works to ensure that the procedure is as simple and open as possible. From the first consultation to the last handover, every installation part is carefully handled thanks to their clearly defined, step-by-step methodology.
To choose a lift company, visit IEE Lifts and speak with our knowledgeable staff. We are the leaders in the business when it comes to offering the best lifts available, built with passion in mind. Our professionals exclusively provide the most excellent lift solutions for you. We prioritise customer care by providing customised solutions, round-the-clock support, and after-sales services.

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