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Commercial lifts are more than just machines – they are vital components that enhance accessibility and improve the overall experience for your customers and employees. That’s why we take great care in designing and constructing our commercial lifts, ensuring they meet your performance needs and stand the test of time. Our lifts are built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, delivering reliability and elegance that you can count on for years.

Our Commercial Lifts Features

Energy-efficient LED Lighting

Our commercial elevators possess LED ceiling lights for adequate lighting. They provide a more comfortable environment as well as saving. IEE commercial lifts are optimised to reduce electricity usage and help the environment.

Emergency Backup Systems

We provide emergency power backups in commercial elevators to ensure that elevators continue functioning properly even when there is an outage to ensure public safety. This backup system is fully automatic and needs no manual intervention.

Digital Display Screens

Our commercial lifts have LCD panels that can play images and videos. Businesses can use them as advertising carriers. Mobile phones or computers with network can be used to upload the image or video content.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities

IEE LIFTS offers individual solutions for condition-based monitoring of your commercial elevators. To continuously monitor your elevators, we also provide remote and online solutions with customer-specific digital solutions.

Advanced Safety Sensors

Our commercial lifts have advanced door safety systems, including sensors and detectors. These systems prevent doors from closing if an obstruction is detected, ensuring users are not trapped or injured.

Voice-Activated Controls

Our commercial lifts can also be customised for voice-activated controls to make them hands-free. It has become a boon for people with disabilities and helps to avoid physical contact in pandemic-like situations. It allows them to conveniently pronounce the floor number or other related information to find their destination.

Horizon Lifts

  • High-speed lifts, having a travel speed of 1.5 to 2.5 metres per second.
  • These lifts are suitable for buildings having 10-15 floors.
  • Features a traffic management system for efficient transportation.
  • Has a touchless control system and a facial recognition feature.

Opulent Lifts

  • Designed for hospitality industry buildings like hotels, restaurants & resorts.
  • Customise according to your building's aesthetic appeal.
  • Comes in different finishes: stainless steel, leather, fabric, and wood.
  • Suitable for mid-rise buildings which have 10-15 floors.

Specially Engineered To Maximise Efficiency - IEE COMMERCIAL LIFTS


IEE LIFTS has the experience of more than 20 years in the elevator sector. Because of our knowledge, we can recognise the unique requirements of the industries and offer lift solutions accordingly.


Modern safety elements such as door-closing devices, emergency evacuation features, hoistway door interlocks, hoistway safety switches, etc., are included in our commercial elevators. IEE LIFTS are equipped with advanced safety features to guarantee secure and risk-free transportation.

Customised Solutions

Every business has a unique identity and set of requirements. IEE Lifts can even tailor small commercial lifts as per the space available. With our variety of design choices, they can more easily blend in with the aesthetic of your place.

Support & Maintenance

A commitment to client satisfaction is at the core of our values. Our team ensures the installation procedure runs smoothly and complies with all safety rules and requirements. Additionally, we offer whole after-sale assistance, including maintenance and repair.


Our commercial elevators are built with the best materials, assuring longevity and improved performance. Your commercial elevators will continue providing smooth vertical transit for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Commercial elevators are made to carry both people and cargo. Most frequently used in employee-only parts of shopping malls, apartment complexes, and other business spaces. These systems require extended passenger cars. They need significant civil alterations, such as Machine Room, Pit, and Headroom, but most critically, they can only be powered by a three-phase supply.
Commercial lifts have numerous benefits, including easy vertical transportation, movement of goods, convenience to people with disability, increased property value, enhanced workplace productivity, and more. So, installing a commercial lift is a worthy investment.
Usually, commercial lifts are customised as per space available and business requirements. However, the minimum commercial elevator dimensions are: the depth of the car must be at least 51 inches and the width minimum of at least 69 inches. Unless the elevator has centre-opening doors, 80 inches is mandated for operation.Regarding weight capacity, the cab weight classification for commercial lifts is between 2,100 pounds (950 Kg) and 5,000 pounds (225 Kg).
Check independent customer platforms for genuine feedback, ask for recommendations, research, check for spare part availability and service terms, look for quality assured, safety accredited companies, and provide after-sale support. Keeping these insights in mind, you can get a trustworthy service provider.
In general, commercial elevators need maintenance at least once a month. Consider even more frequent business elevator maintenance if you have a more aged system that hasn’t been upgraded in a while and high traffic. Additionally, you will need to schedule annual inspections and repairs. Employing a reputable lift manufacturer could mean the difference between your elevators passing or failing their annual inspection and remaining operational.
The maintenance routine depends on your elevator type, particularly whether it includes a machine room or not. Elevator machinery is made up of a complicated system with numerous moving parts and mechanisms. Lubricating all of your lift’s necessary parts is included in routine maintenance. It also entails cleaning all moving parts and contacts to guarantee effective electrical continuity. This is essential because bolts may get loose as your lift functions over time, necessitating tightening.
The cost of a commercial elevator depends on the application, size and capacity of the elevator. You can call us for more details.
After the manufacturing process is complete, the installation time is about 2-3 weeks.
Our team of experts is well-versed in different elevator models. Considering your setting architecture, they can advise you on the elevator model that best suits your needs.
IEE commercial lifts comply with accessibility regulations drafted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. They enable all people, irrespective of their age, gender or abilities, to access it and use its features equally and independently.