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Rider Safety Features

IEE Lifts Private Limited, a renowned lift manufacturers in Mohali, we prioritise rider safety, incorporating cutting-edge safety features into the design and construction of our elevators. Know More

ECO Friendly

Eco-Friendly Innovation

As one of the leading elevator manufacturers, we take environmental responsibility seriously. Our lifts are designed to consume significantly less energy, promoting green vertical mobility. Know More

After Sales Services

We are not just lift manufacturers but your reliable lift company offering comprehensive after-sales services with free maintenance sessions.Know More

IEE Lifts Private Limited

Technologies that inspires us to nurture our Excellency

IEE Lifts Private Limited is a forward-thinking entrepreneurship that believes in persistence and foresight. As a passionate family-driven business, we strive to excel, grow, and provide the best lift solutions to our customers. Our global vision drives us to expand our reach and make a mark in the vertical transportation industry. As one of the leading Residential lifts , Commercial lifts, Hospital lifts, Hotel lifts and Industrial lifts manufacturers headquartered in the rapidly growing Tricity. Our company has earned a reputation for delivering quality and affordable lift products that excel in every aspect.

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Hydraulic Lifts

IEE’s hydraulic lifts are a testament to their commitment to sustainable solutions. These elevators are equipped with energy-efficient pumps reducing energy consumption considerably. The hydraulic technology itself is optimized for minimal fluid usage, further decreasing the environmental footprint. In addition, it only use electricity while going up and almost negligible while coming down.

Authorised Partners for Safe Elevators

In partnership with reliable and trusted companies, we create and install elevators fitted with top-notch components for your secured standing voyage.
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Rajinder Mohan Singh

Founder & MD
Our Founder and Managing Director is our driving force. With a master’s in structural design and 42 years of experience, he has been a visionary and a remarkable leader at IEE Lifts since 2007.
Prabhjot Kaur
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Dr. Prabhjot Kaur

Our Director Dearest is the creative genius behind our pathbreaking designs. As a PhD holder and University Educator, she continues to follow her passion for design here at IEE Lifts.

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With the expanse of industrial knowledge gained through tremendous experience, we now desire to impart global wisdom through our research-driven blogs.

Our Patrons

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of our clients who has entrusted us with their safety. Your trust motivates us to continue delivering the best lift solutions.

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Have a look at our gallery and witness grandeur like never before! Every photograph has an exciting story and a smiling client behind it. So, browse away and get inspired!


IEE Lifts takes great pride in its numerous certifications and accreditations, demonstrating our dedication to ethical and ecological business practices. Our commitment to sustainable and responsible operations is at the core of our values.

Frequently Asked Questions

We design the lift in 3D modelling software after measuring your shaft. Then, import it into a 2D drawing, which is converted into Kanban cards. The production manager gives this process to the first workstation, followed by CNC bending, fabrication, and paint job. The product is then packaged and ready for delivery.

We have an ARD: Automatic Rescue Device and an OSG: Over Speed Governor for your safe lift journey. Our control panel is also in compliance with 194 safety parameters, which are certified by the EN 81-21 norms.

You have two options for this. One is indoors, where we have to give a cutout via core-cutting. Another option is an outdoor lift, a pre-fabricated steel structure installed with nuts and bolts in your balcony or driveway.

We have a mobile service app on which you can request your service anytime. This app comes with a SOS emergency button in case of any emergency. Our maintenance service technicians are always available on video call.

Visit our experience centre in Mohali, where we customise your lift per your design language, followed by your interior designer and consultant. You can also choose and customise from the various lifts at the display.

The lifts help you to manoeuvre yourself and heavy items to your desired floor without any strain on your body. Elderly people and physically challenged people can access any floor with the help of these lifts.

Our latest technology control panel is in compliance with 194 safety norms, and we have an Inching device for situations when the ARD does not work. This feature helps you to rescue the person if the battery fails.

This process has three phases. The preparation phase, Stage I of installation, Stage II of installation and the final commissioning & handover. Delivery takes 45 days, and installation takes around 15 days after delivery. Contact us to know more.

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Ensuring you power-packed assistance in your lift installation; we have a user-friendly app to help you pick, scrutinise and communicate with the IEE Lifts team when required.