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Providing high-quality services to satisfy all your vertical riding needs

The Perfect Maintenance Solution

Our maintenance options include retrofit instals, component improvements, and complete replacement of existing equipment specifically designed to meet your demands. The goal is to maintain your equipment operating safely and dependably for the entire lifespan of your building.

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Exclusive Packages

Pick the one that best fits your needs; Tailored for Industrial Operations.




IEE Lifts

Standard Or Customised Maintenance Coverage

Tailored maintenance and lift modernisation solutions guarantee a comfortable, responsive ride for years to come. Tailored for both commercial and residential operations.

We’ll evaluate three key factors to assist you in finding your optimal solution:

Response times – Will 24-hour service be adequate for your facility, or does it require quick assistance?
Coverage – Will essential parts and service coverage be enough, or will extensive covering for critical installations be required?
Costs – What are your budget terms? We’ll find the right fit for you that suits your pockets.
With the help of IEE Service, your lifts will always stay in action. With IEE, which is among the top lift manufacturers, you can rely on maintenance knowledge and an unmatched customer experience, regardless of your brand or equipment.