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Your Safety is Our Promise!

Your safety means everything to us. It’s not just a value. It’s a promise we make to every passenger who steps into our lifts. We know how important it is for you to feel secure and protected, primarily when you rely on our elevators to transport you to your destination. That’s why we spare no effort or expense when implementing state-of-the-art safety features and protocols in all our elevators. We take your safety personally. Every detail, system, and process is carefully designed and tested to ensure you arrive at your terminus on time, in good health and spirits.

IEE Lifts

Comprehensive Safety Protocols

We prioritise your protection and have comprehensive safety protocols to minimise the risk of accidents or injuries. This includes formal safety training, detailed operating procedures for equipment, and strict adherence to industry safety standards and codes.

Highly Trained Technicians

When it comes to safety, having knowledgeable and experienced technicians is essential. At IEE, we value safety and invest heavily in training and development programs for our technicians to ensure they are up-to-date on the latest safety standards and best practices.

Quality Assurance

We prioritise quality service and have rigorous quality assurance compliance in place. This involves regular inspections and audits of our products and services and a commitment to continuous improvement based on customer feedback and other metrics.

Automatic Rescue Device (ARD)

Automatic Rescue Device (ARD) is a lifeline for your loved ones. It’s a safety feature that ensures your family and seniors are protected in case of an emergency. ARD is designed to activate automatically during a power outage, preventing elevators/lifts from getting stuck between floors and providing a safe and comfortable descent to the nearest floor.

As you think about your loved ones, their safety is always a top priority. You want to be sure that they’re protected at all times, especially in the event of an emergency. With Automatic Rescue Device (ARD), you can have peace of mind knowing that they’ll be safe and secure even when the unexpected happens. It’s a feature that’s not just smart but also compassionate, designed to keep your family and seniors safe and secure at all times.

Over Speed Governer (OSG)

At IEE Lifts, we understand the importance of safety when it comes to lifts. That’s why we have incorporated an Over Speed Governor (OSG) in our elevators to ensure the safety of our passengers. The OSG is a safety device that prevents the elevator from moving at an excessive speed in case of a malfunction or a mechanical failure. This safety feature can save lives, and that’s what makes it so important to us.

We are committed to providing our customers with the safest possible elevator experience, and the OSG is just one way we are doing that. With the Over Speed Governor in place, our passengers can feel secure knowing that their safety is our top priority. It’s comforting to know that we have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of those using our lifts.

Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

Riding in an elevator can be nerve-wracking for some people, especially those who suffer from claustrophobia or fear of heights. That’s why we have implemented the latest safety features, including the Human Machine Interface (HMI), in all our elevators.

The HMI is a cutting-edge technology that allows passengers to communicate with the elevator and vice versa. It is designed to enhance the passenger experience while ensuring their safety. With the HMI, passengers can easily select their desired floor, receive critical information about the elevator’s status, and even call for help in an emergency. 

It is not just a safety feature but a peace-of-mind feature for our passengers. Knowing that they can easily communicate with the elevator and that it will respond promptly in case of an emergency can significantly reduce their anxiety and make their elevator ride a more pleasant experience.

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Authorised Partners

With our reliable partners, we create and set up safe elevators that are fitted with top-notch elements for your secured standing voyage.

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We sincerely appreciate each and every one of our clients who has trusted us with their safety.