Next Level Customisation At The IEE Lifts Experience Center

Displaying Next Level Customisation At The IEE Lifts Experience Center

Experience Center


Contemporary buildings constantly look for innovative techniques to upgrade the area. The lift industry is proving to be a prominent player in making modern homes and commercial spaces more elegant and accessible. The cutting-edge technology showcased in each lift mesmerises the passengers with a quiet and convenient ride, giving them the ultimate vertical riding experience. Whenever a customer like you thinks of installing a lift in your home or commercial space, the first question that arises is, how would it feel when I am inside the lift? 

This question needs an answer, which our Experience Centre has given. This unique place is a paradise for clients wishing to enjoy the convenience and luxury of owning a residential or commercial lift. This centre gives you an immersive experience where you can see the final products and how they will look in your home or business premises. In this blog, we will discuss the lifts we showcase in our experience centre and how you can customise lifts once you have selected one for your home or business premises. So let us get started with the experience centre.

Luxurious Lift at Display

As the name suggests, the Experience Centre is a place where we display our products so you can visually see and feel their appearance and function. Our centre adorns ten magnificent lifts, two of which are dynamic and the remaining eight static. The lifts at the display offer a versatile range of vertical riding options for various applications. This centre is perfect for you, whether you are looking for a compact and luxurious residential lift or a high-end and sophisticated commercial lift. You can also choose a heavy-duty industrial lift. We also provide hotel and hospital lifts. Our range of services surpasses almost every sector of the modern world, and the level of customisation that we offer will far exceed your expectations of a lift.

You can experience the different finishes of the lifts we have put on display and feel the different textures and finishes we offer with our top-notch lifts. We emphasise perfecting even the tiniest detail to provide you with a vertical riding experience that satisfies your body and soul. Get to know how it feels to travel with the help of technology and experience how well-lit and sophisticated our lifts are. Feel comfortable transitioning from pressing a button to reaching your destined floor. Come visit our Experience Centre in the Industrial Sector in Mohali.

Expert Consultation

Our experts will help you explain each feature and component of the lift on the display to ensure that you are well-versed before you make any purchase. Our professional team members are ready to answer any of your questions so you don’t have doubts about the lift. Our lift experts will explain all the necessary details to you and guide you to the best lift that will fulfil your aesthetic as well as utility needs. Lifts will no longer be tedious or complex to understand when our technicians explain the operation of each component of the lift with ease.

The guidance will clear out most of your doubts, and the answers to your questions will clear the remaining doubts. We focus on delivering the best-in-class lifts to you and keep full transparency in our work to gain your trust. The experience centre provides a first-hand feel of what we can offer and what you will get when you trust us to make a customised lift for your commercial, residential, or industrial space. Our experts will suggest the perfect lift, and if you have extreme customisation requests, we can tailor-made the desired lift.

Next Level Customisation

Sit with our experts as we discuss the customisations you need per your design language. You can consult your interior designer to decide on the feasible customisation for the commercial or residential lift according to the available space for installation and other design factors. Get any number of designs you want in your life, as we offer a versatile range of finishes, textures and building materials that will enhance your vertical ride in our lifts. We provide multiple metal, stone and wooden finishes to integrate a signature style into your lifts. You can also match the aesthetics of the lift with the interior of your home or any other theme that your home portrays.

Another innovative way of customisation is an immersive experience through our virtual reality headset. The boon of technology has been fully utilised by us in order to offer you the most aesthetically accurate lifts so that every purchase is a total value for money. We have a VR-powered application that gives you the complete experience of viewing the inside as well as the outside of the lift. You can view your residential or commercial lift with the desired customisations to see how the finished product will look in your house, even before putting a penny on the table.


This is all about the Experience Centre and the benefits you will get when visiting the place. The level of customisation and first-hand feel that the displayed lifts at the Experience Centre provide is unmatched, and we are proud to say that each of our clients is fully satisfied with the comfort, features, and quality of our lifts. This Experience Centre aims to provide people with a real-life experience of compact luxury and ease of movement. The lifts we have displayed offer a serene feeling of being elevated.

Once you have chosen the type of lift you want to purchase, you need to trust us with the process. We are the best lift manufacturers in Tricity and have three manufacturing units making more than 90% of the components in-house to ensure quality and reliability in our lifts. As we present a sophisticated lift collection, our precise manufacturing and installation process ensures that all the lift components are correctly installed to offer you a smooth ride across various floors. Contact us now if you also want to install premium-quality lifts that have numerous features and give you convenient travel.

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