Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Residential Lift

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing A Residential Lift In India

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As you know, urbanisation is rising, and residential buildings are taking new shapes. The use of stairs has become obsolete in today’s world, as every second is essential. For this, modern homes also require home lifts that provide safe travel. The scope of customisations in residential lifts is massive, and that’s why you need some tips on how to design your lift in the best way possible that would meet your aesthetic and structural requirements.

Designing a lift involves numerous discussions and a selection of versatile factors like the material finish, mechanism, safety features, design, and many more. Therefore, you need an overview of how to go about designing your home lift. In this blog, we are going to cover some pointers that will provide a road map for you and how you should design your home lift. Remember these factors during the designing process to ensure that you get the best-ever lift installed in your home.

Tips For Designing Residential Lifts

Getting a lift for your home is a significant investment; you will want a return on every penny spent on the project. To help you with the lift designing process, we will give you an overview of specific points you should consider while selecting and deciding on your home’s lift. You can also use these points as parameters to judge the compatibility of your home lift.

Meet The Quality & Regulatory Standards

The first thing you need to see while designing your home lift is to make sure that the lift meets all the quality and regulatory standards set by the authority governing the manufacturing and functioning of the lifts. Meeting the standards of safety and operation is necessary to acquire proper documentation for installing and operating lifts in your home. In India, BIS has set some standards and requirements for residential lifts that the manufacturer needs to meet.

Ensure The Safety Of Passenger 

Ensuring the safety of the passengers is also very important while designing a home lift. As your loved ones will be using the lift to move from one floor to another in the house, ensure that the lift has adequate safety features and devices installed to protect passengers from any mishap. These devices are legally required to be installed in the lifts. 

Usability For All Age Groups

Another essential aspect to consider while designing a lift for your home is usability. Design a lift that provides unmatched comfort and accessibility to features for every age group in your home. The ease of access to various lift features will give a sense of independence to the person using the lift in your home. Make sure to consider the design for disabled persons so they can use the lift without any problem.

Space-Efficient Aesthetics

With increasing urbanisation, the design of contemporary homes is also changing, and every inch of space needs to be managed in a way that gives utility to the user. While designing the lift, you need to consider the space and area in which you will install the lift and accordingly choose a mechanism that will fulfil your needs without taking up much space in your home. Select a space-efficient lift that gives you the convenience of travelling with style. 

Customise For Convenience

When it comes to customisations, take your creative thoughts seriously. All you need to bring your imagination into reality is an excellent residential lift manufacturer with multiple customisation options in the form of outer finish, lift mechanism, safety devices, components and more. You can compliment the visual appeal of the lift with the overall decor theme of your home or make it a piece of attraction by adding a touch of luxury to the lift.

Ease Of Maintenance & Repair

While designing a lift for your home, ensure its maintenance and repair can be done easily. Ensure that you get the lift installed in a manner that allows the service technician to access the lift without any problems during maintenance. Regular maintenance and repair are necessary for the smooth operability of your lift and add to the safe travel experience for your loved ones.

Why Choose IEE Lifts?

IEE Lifts is the leading lift manufacturer and promises you the utmost quality and sophisticated convenience through our wide range of lifts.  Our manufacturing facility ensures that high-quality raw material is used to make the lifts, and we offer you endless customisations when determining the appearance and design of your home lift. Apart from residential lifts, we also deal in commercial, hospital, hotel, and industrial lifts. Our adherence to regulatory compliance and integration of multiple safety devices while manufacturing and installing the lifts in your home meet the promise of quality and efficiency. Our company believes in customer satisfaction through superior quality lifts and an efficient maintenance service.


We have covered the major points you must remember while discussing your home lift’s design with the manufacturer. You need to balance aesthetics and functionality to get the best value for your money. Find a good residential lift manufacturer to justify your desire for a state-of-the-art lift in your home. To further check the company’s claims’ reliability, you can always go through the company’s trusted partners and customer reviews.

If you want to install a residential lift in your home, IEE Lifts is the name that comes top on the list of providing quality lifts. Our expertise in delivering quality lifts with top-notch maintenance services has won the hearts of many and continues to carve out a name for itself.  Experience unmatched luxury and safe travel with our lifts. Contact us now to start the design discussions with our lift experts and embark on a soulful journey of getting your home this modern machine.

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