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Installing a Residential Lift in an Existing Building

Welcome to IEE Lifts, your go-to residential lift manufacturing and installation company in India! If you’ve ever dreamed of adding a touch of luxury and convenience to your existing home, installing a lift might be the perfect solution for you. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of home lifts […]

What Steps to Take When You Are Stuck in a Lift?


Getting stuck in a lift can be stressful, and one can start panicking or become anxious. Should you ever find yourself in such a situation, knowing what to do can help calm you down by giving you some control. However, this situation can be rare as Elevator Manufacturers nowadays craft lifts equipped with the latest […]

Custom Lifts Designs for the Modern Home

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Today, Homes mean so much more than they did in the past! They are not just roofs to give you shelter, but a resting place full of comfort, convenience, and class! all of which can be achieved by adding a Residential Lift in your home. Depending on your taste, space, requirement and budget, you can […]

Elevator Modernization: Five Ways To Upgrade Your Home Or Office Elevator

Elevators modernization are now an essential component of both residential and business settings thanks to the revolution they brought about in vertical transportation. Elevators, however, need routine maintenance and modifications throughout time to make sure they function effectively, safely, and seamlessly. Modernising your lift offers the chance to increase its functionality and longevity as well […]

Vertical Transportation: The Role Of Elevators In Building Design And Accessibility


Modern buildings heavily rely on elevators or lifts, as they are essential for the vertical transportation of individuals and objects. With the rise of skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, the importance of elevators in building design has become even more significant. Not only do elevators provide access to different floors of a building, but they also […]

The Future Of Lifts And Elevators: Advancements In Technology And Design


Elevators and lifts are a critical aspect of modern living, revolutionising how we move around buildings and cities. The advancements in technology and design in the past few decades have propelled the lift and elevator industry to new heights of efficiency and safety. These developments have made elevators more sophisticated and smarter, improving the overall […]