Lift Maintenance - Major Reasons Behind Elevator Malfunction

Stuck Lifts: The Major Reasons Behind Elevator Malfunction

Lift Maintenance

Despite the cutting-edge technology and meticulous processes used by Elevator manufacturers, an elevator at the end of the day, is a machine, and therefore not immune to malfunction or working errors. There can be several underlying issues responsible for lifts suddenly stopping or being stuck between floors, but you must rest assured as there is a solution for everything.

If you ever find yourself stuck in a lift, read our blog on what to do when that happens. But you don’t have to go through that traumatic process to learn more about lift failures and the reasons behind them. This would be especially useful to you if you’re a homeowner or a building manager as you’ll be able to effectively help the rescue team should your residential or commercial lifts stop working. Read below to find out some of the main reasons behind stuck elevators.

Lack Of Maintenance

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise. Naturally, if a piece of machinery is not being looked after, it is bound to cause trouble! Hence, poor lift maintenance is one of the main causes of an elevator getting stuck. Every Lift Manufacturing Company schedules regular maintenance of your elevators because not only does it ensure smooth functioning, but It also helps identify potential issues on time before they go unnoticed and lead to severe problems.

Improper Usage

Every elevator is equipped with a brief user instruction chart that dictates the optimal conditions for operation. Using the elevator incorrectly and creating errors, such as forcing the door to open or intentionally blocking the door while it’s closing, can create serious issues in the functioning of the lift. Additionally, filling in the lift more than its capacity can cause serious damage to the integral parts of the lift thereby leading to failure.

Control System Glitches

Elevators come with an embedded computerized control system and might get software glitches that can affect the lift to function properly. These glitches can be general and can be removed by just powering off the lift and turning it on again, but in certain rare scenarios, the system glitches can take a little longer to resolve and may need assistance from the technical staff in the control room or from your lift manufacturer.

Error In Sensors

Modern elevators are equipped with various sensors that capture which floor you are on, which button did you press, how much light is present inside, if there is enough oxygen, etc. for enhanced functionality and to avoid potential accidents. If any of these components stop working properly, the lift will malfunction, which could cause it to stop or operate as if there were no people inside. This can lead to serious faults in the security system of the lifts.

Mechanical Failure

Apart from the electrical and technological components of the lifts, the mechanical component is also very crucial as it carries the actual load. Damages or malfunctioning of any mechanical component of the elevators, such as pulleys, cables, motors, or brakes, can lead to the operational failure of the lift. This kind of failure requires engineers to make the repairs physically and can actually take the longest time as it is a manual process.

Power Outage

As lifts are powered by electricity, they are ultimately reliant on a steady power supply to function properly. Even though most Elevator Manufacturers suggest connecting the lifts to a backup power source for consistent use, sometimes it may not be in anyone’s control. A sudden loss of power can shut down the lift completely till it doesn’t get the supply back. This can be especially concerning in case of floods or area-wide power failure.


Getting stuck in a non-working lift is definitely one of the most scary experiences, and to avoid any such encounters, you must stay up to date with your maintenance and elevator care regulations. While a rare casualty is something that cannot be avoided by anyone if you frequently encounter issues with your lift, contact us- your trusted lift manufacturing company to examine the situation. We’ll make sure everything is safe and seamless for you!

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