Your Journey through the IEE Lifts Experience Center

Step into Tomorrow: Your Journey through the IEE Lifts Experience Center

Experience Center

Witness the sophisticated elevation first-hand at the IEE Lift Experience Center and see everything up close! From our elegant designs to soundless technology, test every inch of our lifts before you spend your hard-earned money. Read further to know more about our experience centre and how it will help you make the right decision.

What is an Experience Centre?

As the name suggests, an experience centre is a dedicated space focused on showcasing a company’s products for the users to understand their working and visualise them in their homes/buildings in order to make the smartest shopping decision.

You may have seen it for small appliances such as microwaves or even TVs placed in showrooms but you most definitely have not seen a centre with various kinds of commercial, industrial, and residential lifts in the entire Tricity area, or beyond!

Why did we build an Experience Centre?

Nowadays, people don’t even buy a phone without going to the retail outlet and experiencing all of its features. So how can one be expected to make a considerable investment into something that’s going to be embedded in their home/building for years? We understand that at IEE Lifts and have therefore curated a space especially for you to see exactly what our lifts would look like installed on your premises.

Not only for the visual appeal but to also see the operation and functionality of our robust elevators, we wanted to create this one-of-a-kind site. SPOILER ALERT!: There’s also a special section in our centre leveraging Virtual Reality for your seamless experience. More on that later though!

What will you see at the IEE Lift Experience Centre?

Located in the Industrial sector in Mohali, our Experience centre is truly a state-of-the-art facility that looks like any other factory from the outside, but the moment you enter, that’s when the magic unfolds!

Set in a contemporary finish, you lead into an embracing entryway with a magnificent Capsule elevator and an elegant flight of stairs illuminated with a stunning asymmetrical chandelier circling the roof. At the first look, you can imagine the luxury and unique attention to detail our lifts will add to your space. Here’s a brief breakdown of our experience centre.
Lift Designs for Every Space

You’ll find an extensive range of all of our top lifts suitable for all kinds of buildings. Whether you’re looking for home elevators, need some heavy-duty industrial lifts, or upgrade your establishment with some high-end commercial elevators, you’ll see all of those here!

We also have creative concepts for mini lifts and dumbwaiters that may not be what you came here searching for but could very well be the first product you buy owing to their unique concepts and extremely functional build.

You’ll be amazed to see all the stylish interiors in the lifts and how you can customise them to get your desired look. Some of our fantastic pieces with backlit precious metal and etching will convince you to take them home right away! Either way, you’ll get to see the texture, touch, and finish of all the materials used so you can pick what you like.

Experience the Journey

The bigger advantage of coming down to our centre to view our lifts is not that you can see the designs, instead, it’s the fact that you get to experience the journey before even buying the products.

For instance, if you’re buying lifts for your hotel, you can come see our various designs and stand inside the lifts to feel how spacious and well-lit they are. Our operational lifts also enable you to get the whole experience from pressing the buttons to stepping out to your destination.

This way, you can feel what your customers would feel and accordingly suggest changes. You get the front-row tickets to our noise-free technology and see how effortlessly the doors open and close. Unlike any other Lift manufacturing company in the area, we have created this just for you to experience without any pressure of buying.

Real-Time Expert Consultation

As soon as you visit the experience centre, you are met with our experts to give you all the necessary details that looked too boring to read when you were perusing our brochure! You can learn anything and everything about our models from our experts and they will guide you to find the best fit, or create one for you!

Whenever his schedule permits, our director Mr. Prabhsimran Singh also likes to visit and interact with our clients. You can almost see the passion for this technology in his eyes and hear his enthusiasm as he speaks. If you do in fact, happen to give him a visit, you’ll never see lifts as ordinary anymore!

Virtual Reality Powered Customization

We keep mentioning customisations available, but what would be the point of just telling you your options if we can’t make you experience them? We house a VR-powered application that gives you the complete experience of viewing a lift from outside as well as inside. Not only can you see our premium commercial or Residential lifts, but also view them with your desired customisations.

Imagine this, You liked one of our lifts, but want to change the operating panels because you prefer having them in a matte finish. In that case, you can view your desired life from our experience app and simply change the parts you don’t like. This way you get to see the final product even before you place a penny on the table!

Exciting isn’t it?

Well, it’s one thing to read about our experience centre, but witnessing it for yourself, is a different story altogether! Come see for yourself and share your valuable feedback with us. You can either call us at +91 96200 00026 for booking a visit or getting more information, or simply drop by at our address : E 26, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308. We’re looking forward to having you!

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