Residential Lifts

Designed for Your Lifestyle and Comfort

Residential elevators – welcome home!

Residential property developers and owners count on us for stylish in-building transportation that is safe, durable, stylish, and highly efficient.

Discover The Ultimate In Home Convenience!

Enjoy the convenience of effortless travel between floors while adding luxury to your home. Whether carrying groceries or helping a loved one who needs extra support, our lifts provide a safe and comfortable way to move around your home. With IEE, you can trust that your lift is built to last and will be a valuable addition to your home for years to come.

  • Single phase power
  • Suitable for indoor/outdoor
  • Tailor-made dimensions
  • Overhead room not needed
  • Traction/hydraulic lifting 
  • Just 5″ of step required
  • Revolutionary tech breakdown
  • Efficient operation
  • Compact lighter cabs
  • Gearless drive

Our Resedential Elevators

Tailored for residential operation

Exclusive Packages

Pick the one that best fits your needs; Tailored for residential operations.


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