Reconnect (CCA Batch 84-92) by IEE Lifts

Reconnect (CCA Batch 84-92) by IEE Lifts

CCA Event

On 19th August 2023, IEE Lifts organised “Reconnect”- an unofficial alumni meet for the students of Chandigarh College of Architecture from the batches 1984 to 1992. This was the brainchild of the company’s Director Dr. Prabhjot Kaur who taught in the college.

The Chandigarh College of Architecture is an eminent Institution renowned for its incomparable education and rich architectural history. The building itself is a prominent design structure studied for its audacious experimentation under the “Chandigarh Project”. Without a doubt, the institution has produced some of the leading Architects and Designers all over the country, including Dr. Prabhjot and all the people at the Reconnect gathering.

Dr. Kaur is a Ph.D. holder in Architecture and plays an elemental role in the designing finesse we are proud to deliver at IEE Lifts. Her praiseworthy tenure at the CCA is still talked about in architectural circles across the industry. She distilled her extensive knowledge and wisdom to co-create IEE Lifts and shape us into the dynamic Lift Manufacturing Company
We are today!

After decades of working in the field, we thought it was time for her to reflect on her journey and cherish the fond memories made along the way. Who better to do that with than all of her students and peers from CCA! So IEE Lifts invited them all to a night of fun, laughter, and nostalgia.

The gathering was hosted at the Chandigarh Club, which in itself is a structural marvel recognised by creative minds all over India. The Club is truly a reflection of the spirit of the beautiful city of Chandigarh and blissfully depicts the planned, elemental built of this union territory.

We hosted a cheerful and laid-back evening with all of our guests, who are also the elites in the Architecture & Design space currently. It was a magnetic eve with an embracing ambience, comfortable energy, and pleasant music. We kickstarted the party with a warm welcome to our guests and reminisced over the golden days.

With our busy lives, everyone had gotten the chance to reconnect properly after a very long time and so it was refreshing to relearn about all of our lives and congratulate each other on their personal and professional milestones. The night progressed with some insightful discussions about architecture and left us all feeling inspired to create more magic.
Mind you it wasn’t all talk! We may be best known for being Elevator Manufacturers, but we know how to party!

The open bar really helped bring all the introverts to the dance floor and many of our friends turned out to be poets once put in front of the mic! Everyone seemed to relish the Drinks & Appetisers catered. The shenanigans were followed by a hearty delectable dinner which energised everyone’s inner Punjabi for another round of dancing.

After making a lifetime’s worth of memories, IEE Lifts expressed our gratitude to everyone for honouring us with their presence and wisdom and eventually ended the eve with some tokens of appreciation and goodbye gifts for all. The event re-energised us all to continue making the impact we do in our respective fields. Hopefully, there are many more such events in the cards for your favourite Lift manufacturer– IEE Lifts.

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