IEE Lifts: We're a Registered Trademark!

IEE Lifts: We’re a Registered Trademark!

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We’re ecstatic to announce that your trusted elevation partner- IEE Lifts is now a registered trademark. This was a crucial step towards ensuring our clients are not reeled into scams and frauds by ingenuine parties claiming to be us. After all, who wouldn’t wish to imitate the best Lift Manufacturing Company in the nation?

We’ve never been worried about any competitor getting ahead of us, or delivering better quality lifts and services than us because we are diligent in our work and confident in our results. Yet, registering a trademark was necessary so companies don’t take advantage of our brand name and the reliable reputation we have created in the industry to manipulate potential customers into buying their inferior products by misleading them into believing they’re manufactured by us.

And even though a customer who has partnered with us before would immediately recognize our impeccable quality and thorough service apart from the fakers, we want to safeguard all of our current and future clients from giving their hard-earned money to unreliable hands.


Protecting Our Reputation, but more importantly, Your Safety!

When you’ve dedicated your life to elevating people and businesses, you naturally do not want some inexperienced and so-called Elevator Manufacturers to use your hard work as a stepping stone for themselves and conduct their business unethically. This tarnishes the name of reputed businesses and also instils fear among people.

We understand when such things happen, you tend to get confused about who to trust. After all, you are aware of the stellar reputation of IEE Lifts and would have certain expectations when collaborating with us. And since buying a lift is not like throwing pennies around, you want to be careful when investing a considerable amount in your property.

Imagine if you are approached by someone with the same name. You would automatically think it’s us and readily negotiate a deal with them. But when you experience the quality of their products, you don’t feel like you’ve made the right choice. Now, since you’ve heard the name so much, you convince yourself to trust this company.

This is where the trouble begins!

Not only does this other company misuse our name, but it also leverages our popularity to trap unaware consumers. And when this company delivers subpar service and products, you are disappointed in the name you dealt with. This harms both you and us.

How to identify us?

We registered IEE Lifts as a trademark so that you don’t have to keep wondering if you’re dealing with the right people. Other than our renowned founder Mr. Rajinder Mohan Singh and exclusive offices in Mohali, Punjab, you now have one more way of identifying the actual brand which is IEE Lifts. You can rest assured with this official trademark certificate issued to us by the Intellectual Property Department of India.

The official IEE Lifts logo is the intellectual property of our company and is thereby protected by IP rights in the country. If you see any imposter Lift Manufacturing Company trying to fool you, we encourage you to report it to us so we can keep delivering the incomparable services we do without worrying.

For more information about our trademark, services, or products, please feel free to give us a call at 91 7888726781/ +91 96200 00026 or visit us at our address: E 26, Phase 7, Industrial Area, Sector 73, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 140308.

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