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Hydraulic Lifts

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Hydraulic Lifts

Silken is the ideal hydraulic lift For existing buildings, capable of adapting to any kind of shaft. Our hydraulic technology allowed for an incomparable space saving and utilisation while allowing your loved ones to travelin comfort.

Hydraulic lift is the well trusted mechanism For anumber of decades. We have collaborated with GMV Italy for this product as they are world leaders in hydraulic solutions and the technology they have developed is way ahead of anything in competition.


Emergency Rescue

Automatic emergency system always active during the descent, even in the event of power failure.

Emergency saving

The hydraulic solution consumes electricity only while elevating and doesn't consume electricity while coming down.


We adapt each lift to each different shaft optimising spaces.

Reduced pit and headroom

In existing buildings, we adapt our lifts in compliance with the Regulations for pit and headroom. Is standards


Excellent level of comfort, equivalent to a traction lift using electronic valves. No noise can be Felt inside the cabin.


There is neither a requirement for machine room nor a deep pit