Custom Lifts Designs for the Modern Home

Custom Lifts Designs for the Modern Home

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Today, Homes mean so much more than they did in the past! They are not just roofs to give you shelter, but a resting place full of comfort, convenience, and class! all of which can be achieved by adding a Residential Lift in your home.

Depending on your taste, space, requirement and budget, you can choose from the vast variety of elevators for your residence. But before you make haste and randomly start looking at lifts, let’s reflect a little on what you should know before you begin.


First things first, think of the main purpose behind installing an elevator in your home and let that guide you towards making the right choice as per your needs. For instance,

Do you have a loved on at your home who needs assistance in travelling from one floor to another
Do you have a big villa with multiple floors that could use a lift for convenience
Do you only have a floor or two but want a luxurious feel

By doing this, you’ll have a clearer insight into what kind of designs would be the most seamless addition to your home. You’ll be able to tell your Lift Manufacturer precisely what kind of look and feel you require and should the lift be more functional, spacious or premium for your situation. After all, you don’t want to invest in a structure that feels out of place.


Once you know what you want, the next step is to start looking. Talk to us at IEE Lifts (or any service provider of your choice) and explore the extensive variety in front of you. To give you the Best Residential Lifts, we customise our elevators to your requirements. Yet there are some designs you can peruse from to get an idea of what you’ll be getting.

Modern Vaccum Elevator

This lift is best for people people with preexisting homes who don’t have a ton of space to allocate and don’t wish to get into the whole mess of reconstruction. This surface-tosurface lift is shaped into a cylindrical glass structure that is adjusted next to your home stairs conveniently.

It has a modern and minimal finish and is also optimal for elderly or patient care lifts for homes. With is sleek design and complete transparency, it becomes the ideal choice for smaller spaces.

Stair-Wrapped Elevator

The vacuum elevator can do wonders for he overall aesthetic of your home if you have a little more space. This innovative design includes the glass vacuum lift surrounded by spiral stairs, giving it more definition and creating more room for creativity.

This kind of design also give a more uniform outlook making the elevator a blended element in your decor. Such Residential Lifts are ideal for newer building or people with preexisting homes who don’t mind a little construction to enhance the beauty of the space.

Statement Elevator

If you’re yet to begin the building process, you must consider getting statement elevators installed. For these, you allocate some space (about as much would be needed for a compact pantry) and structure it into your construction plans.

Statement elevators look like any other rooms in your house with the same doors you use all over and behind those doors, is your stunning structure ready to be designed with backlit walls of precious stones or black mirrors etc.

Luxurious Glass Elevator

For that added grace, you can also opt for rectangular glass elevators generally trimmed with black metal. To enhance the minimalistic look, an added metallic scissor gate complementing the color of the trim works great. This also adds a rustic charm to an otherwise concise structure. This lift fits in perfectly in mid-large sized homes.

Grand entrance Elevator

If you’re looking to cast an impression as soon as someone enters your mansion, a grand entrance elevator is just what you need. Generally covered in a marble embrace, the entryway is as much of a design component as your lift.

The Best Villa Elevators are generally built next to a wide flight of stairs to give a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. This comes in magnificent glass inclusion on the doors and opens into a spacious cabin well-lit with an aesthetic statement wall.

These are some core designs you can consider for your home. To acclimate it better to the environment, you can choose to customise selected elements in your Residential Elevator. You can have your choice of materials used or technologies infused and features added depending on what you’re looking for.

For instance, If you have a rustic home interior, but want a tech-savvy lift, you can stil have your pick of choices and just customise the design to incorporate wood panels and thematic lighting . This immediately multiplies your options and ensures your get the most suitable and aesthetic lift for your home.

Now that you have some inspiration on what an ideal residential lift may look like for you, it’s time to leave it to the best Lift Manufacturing Company : IEE Lifts! Visit our experience centre for an immersive viewing experience or contact us to get the most sophisticated home elevation solutions at unbelievable prices.

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