Choosing the Right Residential Lift for Your Home

Choosing the Right Residential Lift for Your Home

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Residential lifts are transforming the ways of vertical travel in modern homes, and these space-efficient cabs are the future, shaping homes and urban cities. With advancements in technology and engineering, lift companies have developed various lifts for residential and commercial buildings. Delivering compact lifts that fulfil the aesthetic ambience and convenient travel is essential to elevate your home’s interior decor and accessibility. But what should you keep in mind while selecting the best lift for your home?

Selecting a perfect lift that transforms your home is a mammoth task, but we will provide you with a set of parameters to help you choose the ideal lift for your home. The most important of all parameters is selecting an appropriate lift manufacturing company with versatile home lifts and a reliable portfolio that could cater to your needs. Let’s start and see which factors to consider while selecting the right lift for your home. 

Measure Your Area

The first and foremost thing to do before selecting a suitable home lift is to measure your home area. The area specification will help you prepare a budget and decide on a lift design that fits your available space. Do a thorough analysis of how much space you can spare for the lift so that you can decide on utilising the extra space for other purposes in your home.

Deciding on a strict budget is critical to laying the foundation for the right home elevator. After a suitable budget, carefully decide on the features, size and design expectations of the lift you want to install in your home. Make sure to read and know about the local and national rules and regulations you will need to fulfil for successful and standardised home elevator installation in your home.  

Choose A Professional Lift Company

After carefully examining your site and preparing a budget, the next and most important thing to consider for installing the best home lift is selecting an experienced lift company. The more professional the lift solution provider is, the better the product reliability. Thoroughly research the best lift manufacturers in your area and prepare a list of them. Then, shortlist them based on service, product range, aesthetics and budget-friendliness. 

Suppose you want further confirmation on the quality and expertise of the lift manufacturers. In that case, you can always look up the authorised partners to ensure you purchase the lift from the right company. Our company partners with reliable and trusted companies and aims to provide you with feature-loaded and safe lifts. We partnered with world-class companies like Usha Martin, Arkel, Green Lift Technologies, and GMV Sweden AB to provide you with a calming vertical riding experience.

Select The Mechanism

The other important factor is selecting the best lift mechanism to suit your needs and give your home a complete turnover. The various types of lifts that currently have a significant share in the lift industry are hydraulic and traction lifts. Modern technology has enabled lift manufacturing companies to offer space-saving MRL lifts that eliminate the requirement of a separate machine room. Choose the ideal lift mechanism that will fit your area’s specifications and utility requirements. 

Make sure to check on the utility features of the lift, like the maximum load capacity, the speed and various safety features that come along with the lift. Safety is a big concern for any customer as switching to lifts is for the sole purpose of convenient and safe passage from one floor to another. Our company has got your back on this parameter also as our residential lifts come equipped with ample safety features like ARD [Automatic Rescue Device], OSG [OverSpeed Governor], HMI[Human Machine Interface] and many more features that ensure safe travel for your loved ones.

Is It Customisable?

It’s time to let your creative thoughts run far and wide. Now that we are done with ensuring the technical aspects let us move on to the creative elements. Everybody wants utility and style in a serene harmony. Modern lifts are compact, luxurious rides that offer utility and style with mesmerising features. Choose a customisable lift according to your aesthetic requirements to match the lift design with your home’s floor, furniture, or any designer theme.

If you want to experience the magic of residential lifts before deciding on the design, visit our Experience Centre in Mohali, Punjab, where our company has two dynamic and eighth static lifts on display to experience convenience first-hand. Our virtual reality-powered customisation helps you see how your customised lift will look in your home. 

Don’t Forget The Maintenance

Selecting the best lift for your home is as essential as ensuring your lift’s proper upkeep and maintenance. A feature-loaded lift designed to provide convenient travel may only work as efficiently as it should if appropriately maintained. After deciding on the perfect lift for your home, you need to decide on the maintenance package that will ensure the smooth functioning of your lift for an extended period.

If you want the perfect maintenance package for your lift to provide comfortable, efficient, and convenient rides, choose any of our maintenance packages for your home elevators. We have a classic, gold, silver, and platinum maintenance package with versatile servicing checks to ensure your safe and convenient vertical riding experience is never compromised. 


These are all the tips you should remember while choosing the appropriate lift for your home. Selecting a home elevator may be tricky, but with these guidelines, you can make an informed decision and purchase a lift that will provide you convenience and an aesthetic ambience to your home. Choose the most experienced lift manufacturer with standardised protection devices for residential lifts.

If you also want an experienced and reliable lift manufacturing company, IEE Lifts is your best choice, as our home elevators are manufactured through a quality and standardised manufacturing process. Our lifts come equipped with numerous features, and you can trust us to ensure the safety of your loved ones. Contact us now and get yourself a lift that embraces your home’s elegance and offers a convenient ride.

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