An Architectural Overview of Our Experience Centre

An Architectural Overview of Our Experience Centre

Experience Center

The IEE Lifts Experience Centre is a one-of-a-kind space made especially for you to have the ultimate elevation experience. A lot of thought has gone into every little element and detail of our centre. From picking the ideal products showcasing each variety to placing every light bulb illuminating the space, every decision served a purpose: Your satisfaction.

To actualise our vivid visions, we collaborated with the wonderful architects at Studio Ardete who helped us create just the perfect design that captured our spirit. We’d like to express our gratitude to Ar. Badrinath Kaleru for his constant support and for helping put our ideas on paper.

First Impression

At first glance, our exquisite centre appears to be yet another building in the industrial area of Mohali, Punjab. It is when you enter, that you leave those preconceived notions at the door and immerse into the mesmerising space it is.

As you step onto the ebony black floor, into the spacious and inviting foyer, the first thing you see is our name in bold gold text placed on neutral smooth cast finish walls. The experience centre is rooted in modern design and depicts the perfect elegant contemporary design language we cultivate in our elevators.

The eyes immediately turn to our magnificent capsule glass elevator that gives you the first taste of the luxury that’s about to unfold on the first floor. As you travel upwards, you are embraced by the warm illumination of our statement lighting structure blending the stairs and our lift together.

Impeccable use of Lighting

The IEE Lifts experience centre was designed intentionally to express our salient features as lift manufacturers. Strolling around in the centre would make you feel like you are standing in an IEE Lift, only much bigger in scale.

Along with Ardete, we strategically used big, statement light fixtures in our interior design

to draw attention and add contemporary sophistication to our decor. Apart from the two gorgeous pieces at the entrance, you’ll see various other overhead, backlit, and angled illuminations placed carefully across the structure. It’s an added bonus when the radiance reflects off of our lustrous and sleek designs, giving you the best viewing experience.

The Showing Area

To give our clients the best blend of options, we’ve showcased our stunning range of elevators along with the suggested exteriors depicting the numerous ways they can be installed. Curating a space like that required a unique integration of modern design and space management, which was seamlessly executed.

The challenge was to create a uniform look without undermining the distinct features of all our lifts. We think that worked out pretty well as you can clearly see every product and its prominent features without causing a ruckus of clashing designs.

Functionality with Aesthetics

Much like our elevators, we wanted to keep our experience centre extremely functional while looking like a dream. The architecture of the space was created keeping that in mind. The centre offers a large open space with a seamless flow guiding you through our projects, to our VR centre, and to the business dealing area where we close your deals.

Cause we don’t just look good, we’re solid in our designs and processes as well.

Closing Lines

All in all, our experience centre is a unique concept erected with flawless interior design and execution. To immerse completely in the premium elevation experience, it is definitely a site to visit. Plan a visit to our location in the Phase – 7 Industrial area, Mohali, Punjab. Looking forward to showing you around!

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