All The Things To Look For In Your Home Lift Manufacturer

All The Things To Look For In Your Home Lift Manufacturer



Residential lifts are a testament to how technology can be used for the convenience of humans. Home lifts are making their way into the modern household as convenient modes of travel for all the house members and provide an aesthetic elegance for the overall design of your home. Modern technology has enabled residential lift manufacturers to design more compact and sophisticated lifts for the home.  Lift manufacturing companies constantly innovate their production process to deliver their clients the best quality home elevators.


Before ordering one for your home, a thorough analysis of the residential lift mechanism and styles must be done. Choose the best lift manufacturing company that can deliver to your expectations of designer lifts that offer a boatload of features. In this blog, we will discuss what parameters you should look for in your lift manufacturer and the features of an ideal home elevator. Buckle up as we upscale your knowledge about residential lifts.

A Transparent Manufacturing Process

Look for a lift manufacturer that has a transparent and standardised manufacturing process. The quality and efficiency of lifts depend upon the production cycle followed to manufacture them. The lift manufacturing process is straightforward and transparent, ensuring quality and cutting-edge technology for our clients. We measure your shaft, and then our engineers design the elevator in 3D modelling software in SolidWorks and then import it to a 2D drawing, which is done in AutoCAD. After that, those drawings are converted into Kanban cards, a Japanese manufacturing methodology with different visual configurations and information required to manufacture the product. 


Then, the process is handed over to the production manager, who gives it to the first workstation, the 5-bolt CNC laser cutting machine, followed by further CNC bending, fabrication and paint job. After this, the product is packaged well and ready for delivery. A manufacturing process like ours offers customers complete reliability of our lift.

Variety Of Designs 

Whenever you shop for luxury, you always look for various designs and a diversified range of materials to choose from. While selecting a lift for your home, look for a company with a wide range of designs that will uplift the elegance of your home and prove to be a stylish addition to the aesthetic appeal of the home structure. Our company offers you a serene experience in our experience centre, where we display our excellence for you and showcase our talent in making the best lift for residential buildings. Our experts will help you choose the most suitable lift for your home, and you can choose from various designs, styles, and mechanisms of lifts. 

Safety Devices Offered

An essential aspect of travelling through these modern carriers is the safety of passengers. Modern technology has advanced to a new level, but the possibility of a malfunction is always there. To reduce or eliminate these possibilities, choose a home lift manufacturer that provides their lifts with adequate safety features. Our company is one step ahead in this matter, as we offer you safety devices like ARD [Automatic Rescue Device], OSG [OverSpeed Governor] and HMI [Human Machine Interface]. All these safety devices ensure the overall protection of every passenger. Cutting-edge technology has once again helped us to deliver only the best to our clients. Apart from these safety devices, we offer safety measures like infrared curtains, controlled speed, and universal door functionality. 

Client Testimonials

To further confirm the depth of the company’s claims, check the testimonials of previous clients and ensure that you take into consideration only the authentic feedback given by real clients. The testimonials of the previous and present clients tell a lot about the home lift manufacturer and the quality of after-sales service they provide to the client. Choose a lift company that has positive reviews across all the platforms, and the consistency of the company’s claims should meet with reviews that are being published. Our company has the best client reviews, and we promise to deliver to your expectations with our skill and proficiency.

Regulatory Certifications And Partners

Another critical aspect that will help you assess any lift manufacturer’s quality and professionalism is the certifications the company has received on behalf of its superior lifting solutions and quality lifts. The certifications from a recognised organisation or authority point towards the authenticity of the lifting company’s quality standards. Our company has various certifications and accreditations, illustrating our dedication to ethical and environmentally friendly business practices. We have partnerships with world leaders in the lifting industry, like Arkel, Green Lift Technology, Usha Martin, and GMV Sweden AB. The collaborations of lift manufacturers like us with other leading companies ensure the client of excellence and professionalism in the lift manufacturing & installation process so that you get a feature-loaded and reliable vertical ride. 

Maintenance Packages

Look for a company that offers you a wide range of maintenance packages. Maintenance of your lift is as essential as getting a quality lift. A good product like these vertical rides requires even more efficient maintenance. The intricate components that make up the mechanism of the lift need to be maintained and repaired at adequate intervals to ensure proper operation. This after-sale service needs to be precise, quick and professional so that you can easily order the upkeep of your vertical ride. Our company provides various maintenance packages like classic, gold, silver, and platinum. Our technicians are always ready to resolve your queries at the quickest with our mobile app. 


We have finally discussed all the critical elements of a  residential lift manufacturer. You must remember these points before selecting a lift manufacturer for your home lift requirements. Quality is always the best measure for your home, as you should opt for products and services that reduce maintenance and repair costs. Purchasing a costly quality lift is better than choosing an affordable lift, as the maintenance charges of such lifts are very low.


If you also want lifts that are manufactured with utmost quality and adherence to standards, then IEE Lifts is your one-stop shop for all kinds of lifts. Our company will offer you the best-in-class manufacturing and expert installation, as our technicians are always there to provide top-notch residential lifts for you. Trust us to uplift the elegance of your home with our wide range of stylish, feature-loaded, loaded and quality residential elevators. Contact us now to get the best residential lift for your home and enjoy the vertical riding experience with the best lift manufacturer in India.

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